Travel Blogs You Should Check Out This Year

With the world catching a pandemic, things slowed down, almost to a stop. Oh, the planet didn’t stop its rotation and revolution, however, we humans slowed down. We took to staying indoors and doing everything either alone, or in a very cherry-picked company.

Most people turned to the internet for their entertainment and business.

Yet, the pandemic had to stop at some point, or rather, we developed some immunity. With that, things started reverting to “normal”. Travel returned to what it used to be, for most of the world.

With that, here are the best travel blogs you should check out this year.

Wandering Earl

This is a great name for a blog, but it is also not the first time we have heard of it. Actually, Wandering Earl has been wandering for a while now and he has had a site since 1999. This is a blog from a person who is not afraid to travel the world on their own, but also a person who does not shy away from giving practical advice.

Some travel blogs are mostly memoirs, which is fun, but not really inspiring. With some practical advice here and there, or in Earl’s case, lots of it, anyone with enough calmness and bravery can take up traveling alone. Given his broad experience, you are bound to find great advice and even better stories.

Flying the Nest

Not everyone is cut for the solo, lone-wolf kind of journey. Some people prefer traveling in pairs, or rather, with their own partner. Jess and Stephen have been traveling since 2015 and they have had quite a few adventures. They hail from Australia but have already seen a lot of the world together.

Their preferred approach to blogging is actually vlogging. There might be texts here and there, but be ready for visual content prior to anything else. 

Passport to Eden

This blog’s name is interesting, but its owner is also interesting.

Anshula is a traveler like you won’t come across too often if ever. She loves to explore the world and as a blogger, you get to see about it. She is active on multiple social media sites, including YouTube and Instagram, while also having a blog.

The best part of the blog is the monthly book club meetings. These meetings are enough to inspire anyone to take up traveling and not just those who are already interested in it.

Hand Luggage Only

This blog is really good for a couple of reasons. The first one is that there are two really cool friends hosting the blog, Lloyd and Yaya. Having met at Cambridge University, the pair set out to explore the world, but also to share their findings with the rest of the world. 

With that in mind, they offer lots of practical advice on how to approach travel. Other reasons to visit their blog include regular updates, lots of helpful tips, as well as amazing stories which you can only get by exploring the world.

2022 is a great year to travel so if you want to get out there, here are the blogs to follow if you lack inspiration or simply want a couple of tips.