Traveling When Frugal – It’s Possible!

We all like to see the world, whether virtually or in person. Traveling in person has been challenging in the past two years, mostly because of the global pandemic, rather than anything else. However, travel is getting back to normal and people are getting back out there, even though there are challenges to be overcome. 

Some of these challenges involve traveling without a lot of resources. Traveling without any money, or rather, with as little as possible, is a real challenge, but fortunately, it is doable. Here is how.

Cheap Flights or Hitchhiking

The easiest way to travel the world is by plane. Tickets can be really cheap if you plan ahead, or rather, if you are lucky enough to catch the part of the season when traveling is slow and when airlines have little to no work in that part of the world.

You almost get paid for traveling when the prices drop below 50$ or even less, depending on the flight.

The alternative is to hitchhike. Finding rides along the way is a great way to travel, provided that you have enough luck and are willing to share your ride with a complete stranger. If you feel comfortable and confident enough to do so, then traveling by hitchhiking is the next best thing.


With a little investment prior to starting your journey, you can have accommodation with you all the time. A tent is all you need, preferably a light one, but with enough water-resistance to get you through a storm. You can basically camp anywhere, so long as relevant authorities don’t spot you. In some countries, authorities do a good job of enforcing no-camping rules, but in most of them, they are not as vigilant.

You could always offer to work for a room, which could make a lot of sense. In rural areas, there is always work to be done, meaning you could help out with accommodation and even food.

Food and Water

Among the many things we need, after air, the thing we need the most is water. Water is an important resource for the human body, which is why we must invest in having water all the time. Luckily, most places in the world have water in abundance. Having a full water bottle is the way to go. 

Most people will be kind enough to give you water for free, especially tap water, which is drinkable in most parts of the world, as well. 

As for food, having no budget can be overcome, once again, by working. Traveling and working is a great way to experience the world, because you can teach yourself discipline and adaptability, living with scarce resources and working to get even that.

It is, of course, not as gloomy as it seems. Most people are willing to trade food for work, particularly in rural areas.

Traveling with little to no resources, especially money, is possible, but you need to be confident, adaptable, and ready to give it your all at every moment. It is a challenging way to undertake traveling, but quite possible.